Defining the Future of Enterprise Apps with a Distinct Approach

The two industry giants in the enterprise application space, Oracle and SAP, face many of the same challenges as the technology market makes a significant shift.  Each company approaches these challenges quite differently.
Oracle is defining itself as a complete solution provider, from database, to infrastructure, to hardware, software, and more.  It is moving aggressively and promoting cloud-based SaaS and PaaS solutions, while facilitating growth and development both organically and through acquisitions.
A notable distinction between Oracle and SAP is that the latter is focused more heavily on acquisitions, spending billions of dollars on key, Cloud-native products.  The German software firm also operates more superficially in the stack, focusing more of its operation on the business applications.
Nevertheless, both companies must consider that the buyer profile has shifted from IT to the business end, and shape their value propositions accordingly.
Read more about the strategies of each software company in Conner Forrest’s full article.

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