AST Progressive Potluck: This Friday!

AST Progressive Potluck:  This Friday!
Sometimes it can be difficult to get activity in during the workday.  We often get wrapped up in tasks and forget to step away from our desks, walk around, and visit with our co-workers – even during the lunch hour!
We’re solving the glued-to-your-desk problem this Friday by encouraging our teams to get moving during lunch!  Each practice in our home office will host a different course of the potluck – appetizers, drinks, main dishes, desserts, etc.  Each course/practice will be set up in their respective wing of the office, which means, if you want cheesecake or 7-layer salad, you have to get moving!
Each practice is keeping its offerings under wraps and seems to be “secretly” competing for best station, so Friday’s lunch will be both delicious and interesting!
What are some of the most creative ways you keep your teams moving during the day?

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