Congratulations to AST’s April Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to AST’s April Employee of the Month!
Let’s all congratulate Tejas P. for earning recognition as AST’s Employee of the Month for April 2016!
Tejas is being recognized for his dedication, hard work, and thought leadership on multiple projects and internal efforts. He has been a valuable team player, leading and assisting on multiple projects as a Hyperion Architect, and ensures the success of each team he is a part of.
Furthermore, Tejas’ internal efforts in speaking with AST candidates and helping to lead the charge on AST’s Cloud EPM and other internal projects, is commendable.  He maintains strong relationships with each client, as well as his team members; they all appreciate his consistent helping hand, mentoring, and contributions.
Tejas sets the bar high for the AST EPM team and is always a pleasure to work with. Thank you, and keep up the great work, Tejas!

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