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The Corporate Security Issue: How to ‘Lock it Down’


A common issue that organizations face today is providing DBAs with enough access to perform their daily operational tasks, and at the same time restricting their privileges to only the access they need. This article by Arup Nanda, published in

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Protect Your Enterprise with “Inside Out” Security

Companies spend vast resources to harden the outermost perimeters of their enterprise. The intent of these investments is to prevent sensitive company data from becoming exposed to hackers. Unfortunately, hardening the outer perimeter of an enterprise is not enough. Without

Security: The Next Generation is Now!

During a keynote address on Tuesday, October 27th at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Oracle Executive Chairman & CTO Larry Ellison spoke about IT security. He said, “We need much better security. We need a next generation of security. We are not

Infrastructure Solutions from AST

This week is all about bringing you new and exciting information about several of AST’s practices! Today’s focus is all about our Infrastructure practice.  Did you know that AST offers solutions in the following areas?