AST India’s First Collaborative Workshop on Oracle Integration Cloud a Great Success!

On Friday, August 24, AST and Oracle offered a collaborative workshop titled “Oracle Autonomous PaaS – Application Integration”.  The workshop was attended by more than thirty professionals, comprised of Solution Architects, Technical Consultants, Technical Architects, Entrepreneurs, EBS Consultants, and avid technocrats.  The free, hands-on workshop offered opportunities to learn how Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), a pure, cloud-based platform can help customers achieve a scalable, maintenance-free, and secure cloud-based integration solution.  Experts from Oracle, including Mr. Narayana Pedapudi and Mr. Kishore Katta, and from AST,  Mr. Joseph Alexander and Mr. Ankit Chhabra, provided an immersive and interactive learning experience.  The hands-on session left the audience yearning for a few days of additional access to absorb and experience the technology in-depth.

We’d like to thank all the workshop participants for making this event a success.  Based on the overwhelming response, we are planning to launch a series of workshops on myriad topics.  For those of you who missed the first workshop, stay tuned…







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