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Oracle Enhances Its Security by Dropping Java Serialization Support

Oracle is enhancing its security by dropping Java Serialization Support. Serialization has been at the heart of persistent security flaws and has affected an estimated 65% of all Fortune 100 companies in the last year alone. Read more on the

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We’re Presenting at CX World!


Our team members are currently gearing up to travel to Vegas! And you should gear up too–for the presentation we’ll be giving at the conference! One of our clients will be discussing our CPQ solution in the presentation, CPQ:

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Serene-AST Launches CPQ for Media Demo!

CPQ Media

Serene-AST is pleased to introduce its CPQ for the Media industry video demonstration. We’ve developed a revolutionary solution, specific to the media industry, that drives income for companies with a digital presence by leveraging Oracle CX Cloud solutions. In the

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Serene-AST Webinars: Powerful and Packed with Knowledge

On September 1, 2016, Serene-AST, LLC hosted an informative webinar, highlighting our solution that enables Salesforce customers to enjoy enterprise-class data management by leveraging Oracle Customer Data Management. The solution seamlessly integrates Salesforce and Oracle Customer Data Management, allowing the Salesforce CRM system

2016 Customer Experience Trends, Evaluated

At the start of the year, Forbes put together a list of the most visible trends relating to CX. Now that we’re halfway through 2016, we can analyze these trends to see what was accurate, what was not, and what we

Are You Ready For the Resurgence of Chat Bots?


Chat bots have been in the news lately – not something like “Clippy” from Microsoft, which was universally loathed, but bots capable of providing natural language processing.  These bots can be placed in your customer-facing service center for assistance in different capacities,

The Federated CX Model

A centralized CX model is a natural starting point for new process implementations. A shared team can manage requirements for the larger organization. However, the larger an organization becomes, the more difficult it is to successfully implement new processes and tools

Text Messaging is Changing the Customer Experience

Text messaging is changing the customer experience. While your phone has had this capability for nearly two decades, businesses are just beginning to leverage SMS to interact with their customer base. SMS service channels enable a preferred communication mechanism with