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On Friday, July 19, AST’s team in Pune welcomed Mr. Arul Daniel, Vice President of IT at Realtor.com.  Realtor.com (formerly Move.com) has been a respected client of AST for more than 6 years, and our two teams have worked as

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In collaboration with MuleSoft, AST will host MuleSoft’s monthly Meetup in AST’s Pune, India office on Saturday, July 27, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM IST.  Attendees will hear from guest speaker Anurag Dwivedi, an experienced MuleSoft Certified Developer

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In May, AST CEO Pravin Kumar visited our offices in Pune, India for vital face time with our offshore teams and an all-hands Town Hall meeting to provide updates and direction for the promising future of AST.  While on-site, Mr.

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AST’s team in Pune, India celebrated the Baisakhi Festival in the office on Friday, April 12, with festive decorations, traditional attire (including proudly adorning turbans, a symbol of Sikh pride and valor), and a grand feast to conclude the celebration!

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